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The Incredible Transformation of Our Roof – A Testament to Excellence

It was an uncharacteristically rainy season in Portland, ME, and we quickly realized the capability of our old roof was under question. That’s when CML Roofing and Contracting swiftly entered the picture.

As the drizzle fell, our experience began. From South Portland to Saco, their reputation for roof repair was unparalleled. Yet what separated them from other roofing companies wasn’t just their clarity of purpose, but the care they extended beyond the contract.

In the storm-steeped Windham, ME, they sprang into action. Our old, worn-out roof metamorphosed into a secure shelter, emulating the resilience of the rock-ribbed coastline of Cape Elizabeth. But, it wasn’t only the extraordinary roofing skill that was awe-inspiring. The team held a mirror to the old Maine ethos, one of hard work and genuine care, echoing Falmouth’s proud tradition.

While many roofing companies claimed to be “near me”, CML Roofing and General Contracting was truly there with us. We learnt that a roof isn’t just a physical structure, but a metaphorical one too, sheltering us from the pitfalls, hardships, and letting us rise above. Our journey with CML extended past the work order, it was a transformative, reassuring experience.

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