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Dispelling Common Myths Surrounding Engineered Air, LLC’s Services.

Engineered Air, LLC has solidified its reputation as an industry leader when it comes to air conditioner repair and air conditioning installation and yet, some misconceptions persist about the nature of the services we provide. This blog is written with an aim to debunk some of the long-standing myths that have been circulating, and provide clarification on what we truly offer at Engineered Air, LLC.

Myth 1: Air Conditioning Installation is Always Expensive

Fact: One of the common myths associated with air conditioning installations is that they are always going to be a severe hit on your wallet. This isn’t necessarily true. At Engineered Air, LLC, we provide a variety of modals at various pricing ranges which cater to different budgets. Each equipment option comes with varying warranties and service longevity, providing you with plenty of choices which you can choose to suit your needs and budget. From full scale installations to simple system upgrades, costs can significantly vary. Rest assured, engineeredair.com provides unmatched value for the quality of work and equipment we deliver.

Myth 2: Repair is always better than replacement

Fact: It’s widely believed that repairing an air conditioner invariably trumps replacing it. The truth, however, isn’t as black and white. While a repair could suffice for minor issues, an older, constantly breaking down air conditioner could rack up repair costs that eventually surpass the price of a full replacement. In such cases, replacement becomes a more feasible and economical course of action. At Engineered Air, LLC, our team will assess your air conditioner’s status and offer transparent advice, ensuring that your investments are channelled in the right direction.

Myth 3: All HVAC companies are the same

Fact: No two companies are identical, and this applies to the HVAC industry as well. Not all companies offer the same service quality, expertise, price, or even equipment choices. Here at Engineered Air, LLC, we take pride in providing expert, professional, and responsive services for air conditioner repair or air conditioning installation. It’s not just about meeting your needs. It’s about surpassing your expectations and giving you the best service experience possible. Don’t just take our word for it, check out our satisfied customer testimonials.

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