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An Ice Age or Heat Wave in Your Home? Not On Our Watch!

Ever felt like you’ve been transported to Death Valley with your AC spurting hot air during summertime? Or experienced the unique sensation of an unexpected ice age thanks to Nordic winds sweeping through your living room, courtesy of your overenthusiastic furnace in winter? Welcome to Illinois, where your HVAC unit becomes a geographical roulette!

The Chilly and Toasty Adventures of an HVAC Unit

Whether you’re in Wheeling, Buffalo Grove, or Arlington Heights, Discount Heating & Cooling is your solution. We offer timely HVAC installation, repair & service, ensuring your home remains a haven from the capricious elements outside.

Our certified professionals love pit-stops in Deerfield, Prospect Heights, Lincolnshire, Palatine, and, yes, even Mt Prospect, IL. They live for the thrill of banishing cold drafts in the winter and saving everyone from heat exhaustion in the summer.

Discount Heating & Cooling: Your Weather Warriors

We’re not just your servicemen, we’re your weather warriors! We’ll fight off polar bears from invading your home in chill, or keep the desert drought at bay. Are you ready to experience the awesome power of a well-tuned HVAC system?

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