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About Air-Ref Co. Inc. – A Tradition of Excellence in HVAC Services

Pioneering as the air-conditioning and heating solution powerhouse in the industry, Air-Ref Co. Inc. has built an unwavering reputation. Founded on the principles of integrity, professionalism, and top-tier workmanship, we provide licensed HVAC repair and air conditioner services that guarantee customer satisfaction.

Our Legacy

Our journey commenced more than three decades ago with a sheer commitment to offering the finest, most efficient heating and air-conditioning services. Over the years, we have demonstrated consistent growth and have relentlessly upheld our high standard, ensuring we are a trusted choice for consumers.

Dedicated Team

At the heart of Air-Ref Co. Inc., a team of highly skilled and devoted personnel thrives. Our staff members are vigorously trained to address all HVAC concerns promptly and efficiently. From air conditioner service to HVAC repair, our team’s proficiency ensures maintaining the comfort of spaces we service, whether homes, offices, or commercial establishments.

Our key to success is our firm adherence to quality, and with that, we strive to provide our customers with superior-level services that will cool their summers and warm their winters. Trust Air-Ref Co. Inc. for all your HVAC needs today!

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