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A Day in Life at Long’s Air Conditioning, Inc.: Keeping Florida Homes Cool and Comfortable

At Long’s Air Conditioning, Inc, our days revolve around ensuring that homes in Frostproof, Avon Park, Babson Park, Sebring and Wauchula, Florida are as cool and comfortable as possible. We’re the go-to experts when it comes to AC repair, AC replacement, heating service and HVAC repair, and we’re known for our commitment to quality and professionalism.

Starting Off with AC Repairs

Our day usually begins by answering calls from clients searching for “AC Repair Near Me” in Frostproof, FL and Avon Park, FL. Whether your AC is failing to cool properly or has completely stopped working, we arrive at your home promptly, ready to diagnose and fix the problem. Armed with the latest tools and technology, we accurately diagnose your AC problem, provide you with a detailed quote, and then proceed to remedy the situation. Here at Long’s Air Conditioning, our goal is to ensure every Florida homeowner enjoys the comfort of a well-functioning air conditioner.

Mid-morning, we often shift focus to AC replacements in Babson Park, FL, and Sebring, FL. We realize that even the best-maintained air conditioning units eventually reach the end of their lifecycle. When this happens, we work closely with homeowners to help them choose the best replacement unit for their homes. Once chosen, we handle the installation process, to ensure your home gets back to a cozy temperature in no time.

Heating Service and HVAC Repairs

Among all the sunshine, Florida can sometimes surprise residents with cooler temperatures. That’s why we offer heating service in Wauchula, FL. We check, adjust, or replace your heating system to keep your home cozy and comfortable, no matter the weather outside.

Towards the end of our workday, we focus on handling HVAC repairs and air conditioner maintenance requests. Taking a proactive approach to HVAC system maintenance not only ensures optimal performance but also extends the life of the equipment. Neglecting routine maintenance may result in expensive repairs or even system failures, which is why Long’s Air Conditioning, Inc. offers comprehensive and affordable maintenance service.

The best part of working at Long’s Air Conditioning, Inc.? At the end of a long, productive day, we go home knowing we’ve helped make Florida homes more comfortable, no matter the season. It’s much more than just a job, it’s our passion.

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